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Air Ambulance

Air ambulance service is available
from all major U.S. airports within
24 hours.


Mexcare: Who we are
  • A network of over 50 hospitals, dialysis treatment centers and physicians in Latin America
  • We provide assistance in placing our patients in facilities close to their home
  • We offer a significant reduction in the cost of unpaid services
Mexcare: Our services
  • Develop a plan for transfer, care & discharge based on patient & family needs
  • Link patient & family to community services closer to home
  • Coordinate bed to bed transfer
  • Prescribed treatment, including consultations, medications & supplies at no additional cost
  • Family Contact: Patient Family locator service
Mexcare: Providor network
  • Full-service hospitals and dialysis treatment centers with an array of specialties
  • Locate patient close to services, family & friends
  • Bilingual communication to referring hospital
Mexcare: Patient benefits
  • Patient/family consent before transfer
  • Physician/staff/patient rapport enhanced by cultural similarities
  • Closeness to family and home promotes well-being
  • Family educated in the home care of the patient
Mexcare: Benefits to hospitals
  • Reduces re-admissions
  • Provide care choices for patient & family
  • Agreed length of stay & discharge plan
  • Improve bed utilization
  • Reduce cost per discharge
Mexcare: Acute care

MexCare is the "liaison" between the American and the Latin American healthcare systems. MexCare safely, professionally and effectively manages the transfer and care of patients to Latin American hospitals.

Mexcare: Who we are

Our service includes both peritoneal and hemodialysis, medications and supplies.

MexCare provides services for an agreed upon number of sessions and uses this time to coordinate the placement of the patient in a government sponsored facility, thereby eliminating the fee’s for the patient’s life long care. MexCare’s dialysis product dramatically reduces the cost to our customer, while ensuring the patient receives the care as prescribed.

Mexcare: Air AmbulanceAir Ambulance

MexCare through its affiliates provides Air Ambulance services from U.S. cities to all Latin America.
Our unique relationship gives you, the customer, the opportunity to reduce your cost of transport.
All MexCare flights are staffed with a Physician and an EMT, who have at their disposition the latest equipment necessary to ensure a safe transport.

MexCare’s patients are encouraged to select a family member to accompany the patient and this service is provided at no cost.

Mexcare: Medical Escort Service

Depending on the individual patients needs, MexCare will provide a Doctor, Registered Nurse or Emergency Medial Technician as an escort.

In many cases our patients who are in stable condition; along with the medical escort will use the commercial airline system between the United States and the patients Latin American country of origin. This is a benefit to both the patient and hospital client by saving the hospital thousands of dollars off the traditional Air Ambulance cost while providing excellent care and safe transportation to our patients.

This service includes “hospital to hospital” and “hospital to the patients home”, covering all phases of the patients medical travels; admittance to discharge.

Mexcare: Chemotherapy

Depending on the needs of the patient, MexCare will provide for Radiation or Chemo treatments following the treatment plan provided by the U.S. referring physician.

Both of these services are available throughout Latin American major cities.

Mexcare: The process

MexCare works closely with case managers to develop a thorough treatment and discharge plan.

Once the patient is stable, the case manager identifies the patient as a MexCare candidate. A MexCare representative consults the patient or patients' family to explain the services offered. With an agreed upon length of stay and the patient's consent, MexCare arranges transportation to a hospital nearest the patient's home. MexCare will facilitate the transfer directly to a hospital or dialysis treatment center in the MexCare network. MexCare will provide the case manager or hospital designee with interim progress reports as requested. Meanwhile, the patient receives the medical care as prescribed in familiar surroundings with family and friends.

Mexcare: Candidates

Any hospital seeking to defray un-reimbursed medical expenses can contact MexCare. We accept acute and sub-acute patients who are in stable condition.